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Comfortable, flexible and protective.

New for 2018/2019 The Integra X Protective Collection is the perfect fit for the elite box lacrosse players who needs the right amount of protection; balanced with the perfect level of flexibility when competing. Engineered by Epoch to handle the toughest of competition in the arena and battle tested by Epochs own professional NLL athletes – the Integra X collection is truly a master piece. This collection features a bicep pad, arm guards, and kidney pad that work seamlessly with the Integra gloves and shoulder pads for an unmatched level of comfort. If you are a die-hard box lacrosse player looking to advance your game, then Integra X protective is for you.

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  • Strong.Durable.Unforgettable.

    Epoch Canada focsued on the design of the Dragonfly Integra shaft so you, the player, can focus on your game.