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Written by Lacrosse Savage


Posted on July 12 2019

I'm Sabrina Lyon and I'm 27 years old. I have been playing lacrosse for around 12 years. I started playing box lacrosse for the Clarington Gaels when I was in high school. I was inspired by watching my brothers play since they were paperweight and always wanted to try the sport for myself. In my third year of university, I discovered field lacrosse as well, while it wasn't exactly my style, I embraced is as a another opportunity to get out there and play the game. Currently, I'm playing senior for Clarington Gaels and just finished my senior year of varsity lacrosse for UOIT. Through the winter I play house league for Durham to maintain my skills in the off season.  

I spent several years coaching minor lacrosse in Clarington as my brother was playing I followed him up through the age groups. This was an amazing experience for me as I got to influence the team and push my love for lacrosse, also giving me opportunities to spend time with my brother. It is so beneficial to be able to get out on the floor in participate in different roles. Even as the coach, you are out there on the floor playing around and having a great time, all while hopefully making a difference. 

Hopefully this campaign will raise awareness for the sport as I would love to see it grow. In my opinion lacrosse is so underrated!'