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We are two entrepreneur brothers Chet & Maurice from the Kitchener Waterloo area. We have been major lacrosse fans our whole lives and played minor Lacrosse however as we grew older, we drifted away from playing the game but our love for it has never changed.  We have stayed close to the game following it as and realized we needed get involved in this great untapped market of online retail for lacrosse “there is the entrepreneur in us”.

Through a lifelong friendship that actually started & grew through lacrosse we were brainstorming over beers with Fred Rooymans & Scott Tinning also entrepreneurs that are still hands on in Lacrosse through there company Rooymans Mercantile managing business for Epoch Lacrosse which is if not the best, one of the best Lacrosse Companies today in the world.  To add to that Fred & Scott both still play and are hugely involved in the KW Jr. A Braves Lacrosse team right here in Kitchener Waterloo.  After several beers later this was a no-brainer……….We team up with Fred & Scott for all their knowledge and connections and we build the best online retailer in lacrosse, which is right in the realm of our entrepreneurship.

Few Weeks Later Lacrosse Savage was created, and we have never looked back.  We have launched an apparel line,  added to our product lines with only the best in the game with strong referrals from the pros and are creating a website that is above and beyond what anyone is doing in the Lacrosse industry because we believe in the sport and you the fans, players, parents & coaches deserve the best loving this great game of Lacrosse Canada’s National Sport.

So………….what are you waiting for………………be a LACROSSE SAVAGE!

~ Chet & Maurice


What We Do

Lacrosse Savage is your #1 Canadian lacrosse store for everything-lacrosse. We focus on the high-end lacrosse brands, such as one of the NLL’s Official brands, Epoch Lacrosse, to ensure out customers get the best, so they can be their best both on and off the field (and floor).





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