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ELEMENT U-2i I SERIES SHAFT | BLACK 30" & "60" | World's Strongest



The new U-2 i-series is FREAKISHLY strong. It's predecessor U-2 was breaking at 1800 lbs. The U-2i was over 2400!

Not just a new sticker. Better balance, more strength, and now available in white and black color-ways.

This is the last lacrosse shaft you ever need. Stronger than a woody!

12 Month Warranty

Whatever level of lacrosse you play at, you want to play with the strongest lacrosse shaft on the market. You’ll get more game time and spend less time making repairs when you choose the carbon fiber lacrosse shaft that’s designed to withstand high impact games.

Ground-BREAKING Performance

If you want to play to the best of your ability, you need equipment that is up to the job. Meet the Element U-2i series shaft, a composite lacrosse shaft that is as tough as you are. Forget about other shafts that will, bend, dent and break, this is the shaft that will snap other sticks in half!

Strong Enough for Box Lacrosse

Great for playing box lacrosse, you’ll be outplaying your opponents with this super-strong shaft. Unlike metal shafts or other materials, it won’t permanently bend, and you’ll need over 2400lbs of pressure before it snaps. It won’t dent, won’t rust, and won’t let you down.



Length – 5.5 inches

Weight – 1/2 ounce (less than tape)

Thickness – 1mm

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