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Epoch Lacrosse

Dragonfly NINE Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft


Epoch believes in specialization and they know the faceoff athletes are the most dedicated at their craft. The Dragonfly Nine F30 was engineered specifically for the athletes that are at the X and put everything on the line once the whistle is blown. Epoch’s faceoff specific geometry improves the connection of your hands to the shaft by reducing slippage and reverse rotation while in the act of facing off.

F30- Faceoff specific geometry. Improved hands to shaft connection.

Product Details

Generation:  Nine
Position: Faceoff Specialist
Length: 30”
Geometry: Available in F
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
MSRP: $178
Flex iQ: Available in iQ5
Top Coat: Slip/Grip
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology
Torque Box 2: Yes
Intelligent Weave: Yes
HD Resin: Yes(New for 2019)
Surface Veil Technology: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year
Available in Naked Carbon
Made in USA

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