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Epoch Lacrosse

iD COMPLETE LACROSSE STICK | Dragonfly iD Shaft + iD Vision Head + Vision Pro Pocket | 40” | White or Black iD Vision Head



iD Complete

The ID Vision complete is the perfect Set-up for the U14 player looking for maximum value and technology for $191 CDN. Complete with a Dragonfly iD composite shaft, the iD Vision Pro-Pocket is tied-up with HT Poly Mesh that can be used immediately without any adjustments.

Product Details
  • Player Level: Elite U14+
  • Collection: Epoch iD
  • Head: iD Vision
  • Shaft: Dragonfly iD
  • Pocket Location: Zone 2 Mid/Low-Pocket
  • Smart Sidewalls: Yes
  • Head Spec: Universal
  • Head Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
  • Pro Pocket Warranty: 30 Days(Limited)
  • Dragonfly iD Warranty: 6 Months(Limited)
  • Dragonfly iD MSRP: $191 CDN

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