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Epoch Lacrosse

Integra Elbow Cap

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Epoch Lacrosse’s Integra Elbow Cap is for the player looking for extreme mobility. Epoch’s Elbow Cap is designed to have minimal bulk using a dual density compression molded foam. The Integra Elbow Cap is engineered with a two piece 4-way stretch spandex, 1” elastic bands, internal silicone print to reduce slippage and reinforced with TPU for extremely comfortable arm protection. The revolutionary Sandwich Locking System eliminates pad slippage while allowing for a customized fit and added protection. The hard shell cap with carbon fiber reinforcement is designed to give players needed protection without limiting maneuverability. Live.Play.Be.


  • Available in White, Gray and Black
  • Size: Medium, Large
  • Carbon Fiber: Yes
  • Phase Change Technology: Yes
  • Compression Molded Dual Density Foam: Yes
  • Sandwich Locking System: Yes
  • 4-way Stretch Spandex: Yes
  • Hard Shell Cap: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-days

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