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Epoch Lacrosse

EPOCH LACROSSE | Integra iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads



Designed to grow with you and your game, the iD shoulder pads are engineered for a perfect fit while providing extreme flexibility and sound protection. Inspired by Epoch Athletes, these lightweight shoulder pads do not restrict mobility and are designed for all levels of play. The removable bicep pads allow you to customize your fit and desired performance. In addition, the padded neck liner and reinforced chest plate provide additional protection from blows without sacrificing comfort.


  • Available in White
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Lightweight and Flexible 
  • Removable Bicep Pads: Yes 
  • Reinforced Chest Plate 
  • Padded Neck Liner 
  • Adjustable Rib Strap with Slim Fit
  • Warranty: 30-days

Length – 5.5 inches

Weight – 1/2 ounce (less than tape)

Thickness – 1mm

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