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Swax Lax Pro Grip Lacrosse Training Ball


Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are the first and only soft lacrosse ball that are the same size and weight as a regulation ball. Our ball was developed by a longtime lacrosse coach and has been field tested by boys and girls in Kindergarten through men’s and women’s college lacrosse teams.

  • Weight : 142 to 149 grams
  • Diameter: 64 mm

Pro-Grip Lacrosse Training Ball

  • Same grippy texture as a brand new lacrosse ball
  • Greater accuracy for shooting and throwing
  • Gentle on hardwood gym floors
  • Geared toward advanced players
  • Same size and weight as a regulation lacrosse ball
  • Less bounce and no rebounds means more reps
  • Perfect for indoor training

Pro-Grip Lacrosse Training Ball Limitations

  • Not intended for children under 4
  • Balls are suitable for rebounders but not wall ball
  • Dangerous if ingested by humans or animals
  • Swax Lax balls should only be used with age-appropriate head and eyewear
  • Suitable for shooting at high speeds
  • Can cause injury if shot at high speeds

Please note that ball color may vary.

Balls will soften over time with use.

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